The Princess and the Goblins Step V

The other day I had an interview for the radio.
I had to talk about my children book and the rol of an Illustrator for a young publisher.
It was amazing!... They talked about my website and read some of my poems and described my illustrations to the listeners.
The very good thing about it is that there was an editor and director of a Publisher from my own city and he was really impressed by the quality of my job (!!),
so.........he is calling me next month
and we are gonna talk about beautiful projects.
I want to talk about my ideas for children books:
"Magic Creatures and how to find them in Ronda"
and "The Coco Pillow book".
I also took advantage of the situation and talked to them about the World Crisis.
Not only the Financial and economic crisis....but,...what I believe to be one of the main
(and easily forgotten) reasons...The Spiritual Crisis of Mankind.
The time to return to the Original Fountain is coming.
Look for Beauty - Learn to Forgive - Be Compassionate - Look Foward for a better Future.
Put your heart on the palm of your hands everytime you Love.
The Land of the Promise is here.
My Friends, THANKS for being there.