LOVE NOW . Se pierde lo que no se da .

"We live in amazing times.
We can build big buildings.
Invent the internet.
Send people walking across the moon.
Create fancy iphones.
Keep breasts young forever.
Manufacture vitamins to give you energy.
Formulate Viagra to keep it up.
Create drugs to combat depression to keep it Down.
We build bombs to wipe out millions in a second.
Launch 500 channels on the flat screen.
Create complex car navigation systems.
Invent new weight-loss programs

Yet we still live in a world where children are starving!
millions are homeless.
We don't teach kids how communicating.
We have lots of sex but don't make love.
Bigger banks accounts, but less fulfillment.
Faster cars but no time.
More options but less patience.
More education and less sense.
More technology and less touch.

You can clean the air.
But the pollution is in the soul.
This is the real hole
The most important resource, isn't time, oil, money, gold.
It is love.
Without this we may have everything but life is nothing.
So what is your life about? So what is your life about?
You can travel the world. Go to great temples, or churches to pray.
You can worship the most beautiful statutes, and read the most profound scripture,
yet right in front of you is a living expression of divinity.
Take a look: Your children. Your spouse. Your parents. Your brother Co-worker.
The homeless person. Your friend.
There is no end.
Yet we wait to meet the Dalai Lama, the great Guru or the Pope.
For some kind of hope. Waiting for the right moment or special person.
When right here in front of you is a living Buddha in the form of your child,
or a living Christ in the form of the man that's staring at you.

The whole world is your temple, synagogue, or church.
Remember, it is in your heart. This is where we must all start.
In each moment is the opportunity.
At least once a day: Forgive. Reach out. Hug. Cry. Laugh. Connect.
At least once a day: Trust. look. Sing. Dance. Make a fool of yourself. Risk.
At least once a day: Give. Touch. Taste. Smile. Wait. Communicate.
At least once a day: Smell. Relax. Joke. Feel. Yes. Serve.

And most of all say "I love you."When you dare to open your heart and love, you're free.
This is living infinity.Is there really anything else to do?Is there really anything else to do?

Love now."

~ Kute Blackson